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Eppy's is all about creating new clothing made from unwanted articles of clothing that others no longer find valuable. This process is called "Up-Cycling", but we like to call it "Epp-Cycling" :) All of our products are handmade right here in the USA by garment-artists and follow our strict quality guidelines. 

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Shorts for guys, shorts for gals.............Eppy's. 

At Eppy's Slacker Shorts, we take preenjoyed pants and turn them into shorts, each pair being unique and one of a kind.  This process is commonly known as 'upcycling'. 

Up-cy-cle, -verb: 1. To process used goods or waste materials so as to produce something that is better often than the original. 2. At Eppy's, to turn preenjoyed pants into the highest quality board short length shorts using the highest quality stock availiable from any number of sources.

On my travels through Goodwill, Salvation Army, Estate Sales, clearance racks at any number of retail outlets, anywhere prenjoyed or new pants are present, I am always on the hunt for the next pair of Eppy's.  After a few years and over 200 pairs produced, I am well aware of what works and what doesn't.  I look for plain front slacks that are either NWT (new with tags) or lightly preenjoyed.  There are a number of brands that work as well as certain fits that work as well.  Either way, by purchasing a genuine pair of Eppy's, you have done your part in saving the world from unwanted pants, one pair at a time.


 Saving the world from unwanted pants, one pair at a time.

Pre-enjoyed pants, new stock pants, and Vintage pants get to live on as shorts. Either off our rack or a custom length specified by you, we can guarantee a one-of-a-kind shorts experience that you will not find anywhere else.

Off the rack shorts too long? Too short? Pick out a pair from an ever growing selection of pants looking to live on as shorts per your desired length.

Own an existing pair of pants that may be looking to live on as shorts? Contact us to see if those pants have what it takes to become a genuine pair of Eppy's Slacker Shorts.

Unless otherwise stated, all shorts are flat front. No pleats - Pleats suck.

Eppy's Slacker Shorts: Saving the world from unwanted pants, one pair at a time.


Saving your closet from unwanted pairs of pants, one pair at a time 

You know as well as I know, odds are you have a closet full of pants that are either a bit past their prime, never worn, hideous prints, but at the end of the day, they FIT.  Why not let us make those pants live on as a pair of shorts cut to your desired length.  From daisy dukes to capri shorts, you mark em' where you want and we will create the most comfortable pair of shorts you have ever experienced.  Contact us, or better yet just send them to muse to make your shorts dreams come true. 

Eppy's Lady Slacker Shorts:  Saving your closet from unwanted pants, one pair at a time.


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