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Eppy's is all about creating new clothing made from unwanted articles of clothing that others no longer find valuable. This process is called "Up-Cycling", but we like to call it "Epp-Cycling" :) All of our products are handmade right here in the USA by garment-artists and follow our strict quality guidelines. 

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Eppy's Slacker Shorts was founded by Seth Epperson after years and years of higher education studying marketing and management and slaving away for the ‘MAN’.

After achieving multiple degrees (BS/ Management as well an MBA/Marketing), it was always a dream of mine to develop a product from start to by no means finished.....this product turned out to be Eppy’s Slacker Shorts. 

Through a chance meeting during a closet cleaning with a lost pair of shorts from a major manufacturer at the bottom of a cold closet in New England,  Eppy’s Slacker Shorts was born.  At this point I decided, why not capitalize on one of the most fundamental facts that really has not ever been explored:  Pants are really just long shorts!

Through some careful research and development, support and advice from some esteemed co-workers, friends, and family, for both the name and logo,  the first pairs were produced and sold.  Eppy's Slacker Shorts are currently slacking on four of the seven continents.

With our constant search for low mileage, ‘pre-enjoyed pants’, we will continue to bring you sustainable clothing that not only will you will be comfortable in, you will have the satisfaction in knowing that you will have helped save the world from unwanted pants, one pair at a time.

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